About us

Benedikt Loser

Co-founder and director of the competence centre.

Certified trainer for Nonviolent Communication® (NVC) according to Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Center for Nonviolent Communication/USA. Assessor in the German-speaking team in Switzerland.

Certified Integral Coach ECA/ICA

Federal certificate of competence for trainers

Patricia Walker

Co-founder and director of the competence centre.

Certified trainer for Nonviolent Communication® (NVC) according to Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Center for Nonviolent Communication/USA. Assessor in the German-speaking team in Switzerland.

Dipl. Master Life & Relationship Coach ECA/ICI

Process-oriented supervisor, coach and organisational consultant bso

Diploma in "Process-oriented Psychology" according to Dr. Arnold Mindell

SVEB Certificate Course Instructor

More than twenty years in technical projects have made me deeply aware that no project ever fails or will fail for technical reasons, but always because of how people interact, how they behave under pressure.

After more than fifteen years of research, I have found and deepened in NVC an approach to staying honestly and fearlessly connected under pressure and being able to find sustainable solutions that serve all parties - far beyond compromise. 

After years of study and relevant degrees in adult education, training design and delivery, psychology, neuroscience and coaching, I have been a full-time trainer, facilitator and coach since 2012. I work with individuals, teams and organisations in settings from one-to-one to one-to-hundred. This is mainly within my large mandate at IBM, in the area of leadership training, across Europe.

I see myself as a sounding board and catalyst supporting individuals to self-reflect and thereby gain clarity and growth, as I believe in inspiration from the outside that triggers the overcoming of personal limitations in core beliefs, which is liberating.

All my trainings are about so-called "soft skills" to release buried potential.

Everything that we experience as "stuck" can be released from within us. Whether in a business or private context. All this by striving for radical self-empowerment and relationship building at the same time. 

Trained in dealing with stressful emotions. Experienced in therapeutic processes, transformational work, crisis and conflict management, personal development and reorientation. 

After graduating from high school, I followed my fascination for advertising and film and studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and the Film Academy Baden Württemberg. This was followed by positions as art director in Hamburg, London and Berlin and Zurich.

The contact with non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg in 2009 touched me deeply and brought about a radical change of direction in my life. This enables me to listen with my whole being, beyond judgement and evaluation. This enables me to create spaces where true connection, healing and forgiveness are possible. 

For a deeper psychological understanding of conflict, areas of tension and their healing, my training also includes the approach of process-oriented psychology according to Arnold Mindell, NLP and systemic family constellations. 

Since 2015 I have been working as a lecturer at the Living Sense Training Institute in various ECA/ICI coaching training courses at certification, diploma and master's level. 

Since 2017, I have been a member of the "Circle of Supporting Trainers of German-speaking Switzerland in Accompanying People on the Way to CNVC Certification".

My work as a trainer, adult educator and therapist, as well as my many years of experience in the private sector, form the basis for a broad range of experience in dealing with people in communication.

More about me on my LinkedIn profile

Further details on specialisations on the own website Patriciawalker.ch.

Trainers and course instructors

Alicia del Rio

Alicia del Rio

I have been working as a seminar leader and coach since 1991. After studying psychology, I completed numerous trainings and travelled to other cultures, which allowed me to experience a reconnection with ancient knowledge that flows directly from the intelligence of the heart. Thus unfolded a path that combines science and spirituality.

In my encounter with Marshall Rosenberg I met a person who touched me deeply through his ability to communicate from the heart. Learning from him and incorporating the knowledge of NVC into my seminar projects has enriched my life and that of many people.
His legacy is for me an essential contribution that makes lived spirituality possible from moment to moment through the transformation of communication with ourselves and in contact with others.

As a trainer for mindfulness and meditation, my concern is to create a space that promotes the ability for presence and self-love and helps to establish this "heart space" in everyday life as well.

Cinzia Sammali

Cinzia Sammali

In 2017, I came into contact with NVC for the first time as part of my coaching training. I quickly realised that NVC can support me in dealing with myself and others. Therefore, I have taken this path for myself in the last few years and completed various further training courses at Fokus Empathie. In the process, I have learned that NVC is not about fine words and phrases, but rather about the inner attitude. Since I have been on the NVC path and focus on the inner attitude, I see my counterpart as a person with his or her own needs. I therefore judge others much less and, above all, I no longer hold my counterpart responsible for how I feel. As a result, I experience much more serenity, ease and genuine, sincere connection in my dealings with myself and with others. I am very grateful that I can now contribute as a co-trainer at Fokus Empathie to pass on NVC. If you are curious and would like to know how the inner attitude comes into play within NVC, I would be happy to welcome you to one of our courses.

Cinzia is on the road as a coach and trainer.

Sarah Uwer

Sarah Uwer

"To observe without judgement is to witness the Goddess" was written on a postcard in New Zealand. The quote touched something deep inside me and has accompanied me on my journey through life ever since. It has become a kind of signpost for me that I want to use as a guide in life. Inspired by it, I found my way to a four-and-a-half-year yoga training programme and to non-violent communication.

On an introductory course in NVC, I wanted to learn a different style of communication that I could use in my work. What I found goes far beyond the way I communicate and has since changed my attitude from the inside out. For me, NVC serves as a self-reflection process that constantly invites me to get in touch with myself and others. As soon as there is clarity about needs, something magical happens and this can lead to solutions that previously seemed impossible. Over time, it became increasingly clear to me that I wanted to share this transformative power with others and so I decided to take the CNVC certification process to become a trainer in non-violent communication. I am very grateful that I am able to work as a yoga teacher, adult educator and coach alongside my work in movement and health promotion.

In my courses, it is important to me to create a safe space for experience. For me, the body is a powerful instrument for accessing the wisdom that lies deep within us. As a co-trainer at Fokus Empathie, I look forward to accompanying people in their development process.

Sarah is on her way to becoming a CNVC certified trainer.



Momo often comes to visit at the trainings and reminds us to relax and enjoy.

Coaching training

With the internalised NVC attitude and the tools from the NVC Ambassador, the competences for coaching based on the attitude of Nonviolent Communication are fully given.

We are happy to make recommendations for training programmes in the field of classical coaching.