You will find training offers in the following focus areas:

Nonviolent communication

Nonviolent communication

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Guided self-reflections

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Individual Coaching Sessions


Organisational Development & Leadership

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As a training and seminar company, we offer a complete curriculum in the area of competence of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) according to Dr Marshall Rosenberg. This includes levels from beginner to trainer and is based on the guidelines of the Center for Nonviolent Communication and the Fachverband Gewaltfreie Kommunikation e.V. (Nonviolent Communication Association).

Pausing and reflecting, making one's own thoughts visible and looking at them from different angles can lead to surprising, new insights. This can contribute to more focus and clarity, serenity but also to mental and physical health.

We offer coaching. Physically or virtually, with the help of visualisation software if desired. For individuals and couples.

In the competence area of organisational development & leadership, we offer training based on the concepts of C. Terry Warner (Arbinger) and Marshall B. Rosenberg (non-violent communication). This enables you as a leader to achieve goals together with your employees, to consciously keep friction losses to a minimum and to strengthen the intrinsic motivation of your employees.