GRP - Ambassador

You want to actively bring the powerful way of living that NVC enables you to do into the world. You want to let others participate and consciously use NVC in your work environment, in organisations, while at the same time resting authentically in yourself in challenging situations. You want to stand for a role model: that of the new, self-confident and appreciative fellow human being, far from right and wrong, above and below. In addition to deepening your previous competences, you will get to know various NVC processes and apply them for the first time.

Areas of competence that you will need in the Competence acquisition level 2 to 3 acquire:

  • Be empathetic with yourself and others,
  • Mediation,
  • Healing through empathy,
  • "Staying connected" even when it hurts,
  • Process support.


  • Repeat and internalise basic processes of NVC
  • Being empathetic, whether affected and/or hit
  • "Enemy Image", "Healing and Reconciliation" and "Restorative Circle" - Leading Processes
  • Mediation with NVC
  • Facilitating groups with NVC

What you bring:

The NVC attitude and practice is increasingly part of your everyday being.

You have attended at least the NVC Practitioner or the Practitioner PLUS. If you have completed other training courses, we will clarify together where you stand with your previous knowledge and the internalisation of the attitude in order to avoid excessive demands and frustration in the course.

What is the time frame for this seminar?


This seminar consists of five blocks of three days each, for a total of 15 days.

The five blocks are spread over about half a year.

This allows space and time for the issues to sink in, as well as for them to be internalised before anything new is added.


Find the right date in the list below and register right away.

NVC-Ambassador Seminars

SeminarNumberDatePricefree placesLog in
GRP Ambassador 2024GA24.4.1

Implementation 2024
Block I: Fri. 19 April - Sun. 21 April 2024
Block II: Fri 7 - Sun 9 June 2024
Block III: Fri 5 - Sun 7 July 2024
Block IV: Fri. 30 August - Sun. 1 September 2024
Block V: Fri 4 - Sun 6 October 2024

CHF 4'730.00


GRP Ambassador 2025GA25.04.1

Realisation 2025

  • Block I: Fri.-Sun. 4-6 April
  • Block II: Fri.-Sun. 30 May -1 June
  • Block III: Fri.-Sun. 4-6 July
  • Block IV: Fri.-Sun. 29-31 Aug.
  • Block V: Fri.-Sun. 3-5 Oct.
CHF 4'730.00


GRP Ambassador 2026GA26.04.1

Realisation 2026

  • Block I: Fri.-Sun. 24-26 April
  • Block II: Fri.-Sun. 5-7 June
  • Block III: Fri.-Sun. 3-5 July
  • Block IV: Fri.-Sun. 28-30 Aug.
  • Block V: Fri.-Sun. 25-27 Sept.
CHF 4'730.00


Details of the GRP Ambassador

Using Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg for the benefit of others

You have internalised NVC for yourself and have already attended our NVC Practitioner Seminar or something comparable. You are usually aware of your feelings and needs and act self-empowered. But you would like to use NVC for the benefit of your environment, your fellow human beings. Help others to find themselves more quickly and thereby help to clarify situations. Be a part of it yourself or as a so-called external mediator. 

In the NVC Ambassador the focus is on giving empathy, empathy for the other person. This is only possible if you yourself are at peace within, which is why our NVC Practitioner is a prerequisite for the NVC Ambassador.

Contents of the seminar: 

Empathy Giving & Restorative Communication

The focus is on the basics of giving empathy: Being able to give first-class empathy to the other person. Not just anyone, also and especially the trigger person. Using Restorative Communication to support the other person in self-empathy, even if you were a trigger for pain and anger.


The focus is on the basic mechanics of mediation and the three main areas of application: Intrapersonal (I mediate parts of myself), Interpersonal External (I mediate two other people who have a conflict with each other) and Interpersonal Internal (I mediate a conflict that exists between me and another person).

Enemy Image and Healing & Reconciliation

The focus in this seminar is on discarding enemy images by recognising one's own self-told stories and taking responsibility for one's own needs. The recognition of the needs of the other person and the mutual regret of what happened when trying to fulfil them allows healing.

Group processes

NVC in groups is on the one hand the same as one-to-one, but on the other hand a lot more challenging. In order for the process not to "explode" and for the group members to stay connected, leadership is needed from a deep understanding of the NVC stance.



Strength in the application of self-empathy is the basis. Therefore, the NVC-Practitioner or an equivalent is a prerequisite. Please indicate this when registering or discuss it with us in case of doubt.

Seminar location

The seminar takes place physically in the seminar rooms of Fokus Empathie at Wolfgrabenstrasse 1a, 8135 Langnau am Albis.

Meals (main meals) are at the expense of the participants and are not included in the seminar price. Food can be brought along (kitchen and available) or restaurants or shops can be found in Langnau.

Any overnight accommodation will be organised by the participants themselves and will be at their own expense. We do not insist in any way on overnight accommodation being provided on site.

The seminar price includes the course fees, coffee, tea, water and brain food in the seminar room. All materials, course documentation and additional access to further materials and online course parts. The seminar price is fixed and cannot be modified.

Small print

Number of participants

For presence, hybrid and virtual seminars: As a rule, seminars are held with a minimum of 4 participants (NVC beginners with a minimum of one participant).

Usually between 4 and 20 participants.


Please register via the page of the corresponding seminar.

The registration is considered definitive.


As soon as the minimum number of participants has been reached, at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the seminar, you will receive further details on the implementation.

You have various payment options when registering: Credit card, PayPal, TWINT, bank transfer. If you choose bank transfer, you will receive the account information in the order confirmation.

Upon confirmation of the execution, you will receive an invoice for payment or, if advance payment has already been made, for information/accounting purposes.

Please settle the amount before the seminar starts.

Payment by instalments on request.


Should you withdraw from the registration, the following provisions apply:

Up to 60 days before the start of the seminar, we charge CHF 50 for processing.

From 59 to 14 days before the start of the seminar, we charge 50% of the seminar costs. Less than 14 days before the start of the seminar, we charge the full seminar costs. The same applies to cancellations during the seminar.

If you bring a substitute participant in your place, any costs will be waived. Cancellations will only be considered and confirmed in writing.

If you have made reservations at the seminar venues, please note their cancellation policy.

Check the possibility of travel cancellation insurance / cancellation insurance for further training, which may cover your seminar costs.

Catch up

If you are unable to attend a seminar day or a seminar block at short notice and unforeseen due to force majeure, you can make up the missed part without incurring any costs.

Cancellation / postponement of the event

If there are less than 4 registrations 14 days before the start of the seminar, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the seminar. If the new dates do not suit you, we will refund all previous fees in full. Such a cancellation or postponement will not result in any cost reduction.


Participants are fully responsible for their own physical and mental health before, during and after the seminar.

Likewise, we do not accept any liability for objects or other types of claims.


After the seminar you will receive a personal certificate of attendance.


NVC seminars are creditable as training, both for - certification as a trainer for Nonviolent Communication with the Center of Nonviolent Communication (