CSF - Facilitator

Knowing NVC is not enough to be a NVC trainer. The ability to apply NVC in one's own life is usually not enough either. The attitude and the corresponding competences of NVC need to be fully internalised without having to think about it. Dealing with groups and potential resistance is demanding and needs consolidation on the personal level as well as on the professional level.

This seminar is primarily about the technical basics and skills that can then be used to effectively pass on NVC (or other contents).

Areas of competence that you acquire at this level:

  • Understanding of group dynamics, group processes and methods of dealing with them.
  • Fluency in facilitation and knowledge of lively, sustainable teaching
  • Ability to empathise with resisters and harness their concerns for the good of the group


  • Conducting trainings incl. facilitation, methods and flipchart design
  • Planning and creating trainings
  • Apply the two points above
  • Giving and receiving feedback

What you bring:

GFK-Ambassador or equivalent basis as well as a lot of openness and willingness to work on oneself and to want to go new ways, as well as time and patience with oneself.

What is the time frame for this seminar?

Three times two days, spread over at least three weeks.

Planned implementations

Implementation autumn 2021

  • Wed/Thu 10/11 Nov. 2021
  • Wed/Thu 17/18 Nov. 2021
  • Wed/Thu 1/2 Dec. 2021

Our seminars take place in face-to-face classes and can be attended online at the same time. This video shows how this is possible. With the best experience in use for years.


Choose the implementation that suits you best. Times in all blocks: 09:00 to 17:00 hrs.

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Details about this seminar

Basics in creating, planning and conducting trainings for adults

This training provides a foundation in the training craft as well as a toolkit of different methodologies and interventions. NVC "alone" does not make a trainer.

Anyone who wants to pass on NVC (or other content) needs a skill in facilitation and knowledge about how adult people take in and process information. The structure of a course should also "fit" and this requires steps in the design. All this together enables a target audience effective training to be created, planned and delivered.


  • Conducting trainings: basics about teaching and learning, trump cards in training, methodologies, visualisations (flipcharts and drawings), materials
  • Creating and planning trainings: Defining objectives, conceptualising content (rough and fine), structuring the process, developing own module
  • Perform: Reflections and feedback, Questions from Hell, practice with your own module.


We consider the content of this block to be training reduced to the minimum.

If you want to work as a trainer on a regular basis or acquire more in-depth knowledge, we suggest the SVEB-1 certificate. More and more institutes require this certificate from their trainers. The contents of the GFK-Facilitator and the SVEB-1 are identical, the SVEB-1 training lasts twice as long and has correspondingly more contents.



You are travelling with NVC and would like to gain more confidence and inspiration in passing on NVC.

Seminar location

The seminar takes place physically in the seminar rooms of Fokus Empathie at Wolfgrabenstrasse 1a, 8135 Langnau am Albis.

Meals (main meals) are at the expense of the participants and are not included in the seminar price. Food can be brought along (kitchen and available) or restaurants or shops can be found in Langnau.

Any overnight accommodation will be organised by the participants themselves and will be at their own expense. We do not insist in any way on overnight accommodation being provided on site.

The seminar price includes the course fees, coffee, tea, water and brain food in the seminar room. All materials, course documentation and additional access to further materials and online course parts. The seminar price is fixed and cannot be modified.

Small print

Number of participants

For presence, hybrid and virtual seminars: As a rule, seminars are held with a minimum of 4 participants (NVC beginners with a minimum of one participant).

Usually between 4 and 20 participants.


Please register via the page of the corresponding seminar.

The registration is considered definitive.


As soon as the minimum number of participants has been reached, at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the seminar, you will receive further details on the implementation.

You have various payment options when registering: Credit card, PayPal, TWINT, bank transfer. If you choose bank transfer, you will receive the account information in the order confirmation.

Upon confirmation of the execution, you will receive an invoice for payment or, if advance payment has already been made, for information/accounting purposes.

Please settle the amount before the seminar starts.

Payment by instalments on request.


Should you withdraw from the registration, the following provisions apply:

Up to 60 days before the start of the seminar, we charge CHF 50 for processing.

From 59 to 14 days before the start of the seminar, we charge 50% of the seminar costs. Less than 14 days before the start of the seminar, we charge the full seminar costs. The same applies to cancellations during the seminar.

If you bring a substitute participant in your place, any costs will be waived. Cancellations will only be considered and confirmed in writing.

If you have made reservations at the seminar venues, please note their cancellation policy.

Check the possibility of travel cancellation insurance / cancellation insurance for further training, which may cover your seminar costs.

Catch up

If you are unable to attend a seminar day or a seminar block at short notice and unforeseen due to force majeure, you can make up the missed part without incurring any costs.

Cancellation / postponement of the event

If there are less than 4 registrations 14 days before the start of the seminar, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the seminar. If the new dates do not suit you, we will refund all previous fees in full. Such a cancellation or postponement will not result in any cost reduction.


Participants are fully responsible for their own physical and mental health before, during and after the seminar.

Likewise, we do not accept any liability for objects or other types of claims.


After the seminar you will receive a personal certificate of attendance.


NVC seminars are creditable as training, both for - certification as a trainer for Nonviolent Communication with the Center of Nonviolent Communication (CNVC.org).