Practice and Community Days

Do you feel like practising your own NVC skills? Would you like to experience fellowship with people in the attitude of NVC? Would you like to get to know and experience the focus of empathy and the people behind it?

It always takes a while before you start dreaming in another language. When this "foreign language" of appreciative and connecting communication has one day become your mother tongue, you will have long since recognised the powerful potential inherent in this simple model. Here, too, it is like with any new language: in order for it to become second nature, it needs to be practised regularly. The practice group is an open platform. Using your own current examples, you have the opportunity to explore, learn and grow together at regular intervals. For better integration and sustainability.

A whole day of practising and experiencing community, from 10am to 5pm max.


The practice and community days take place about quarterly and are aimed at all people who want to practice Nonviolent Communication.

Place: In our seminar rooms at Wolfgrabenstrasse 1a, 8135 Langnau am Albis.


  • Arrive and find yourself with what interests you, 
  • Practice time* Morning
  • from ca 12:30 to ca 14:30 lunch time and community time
  • Practice time* Afternoon
  • Joint reflection, farewell

* Practise by trying it out yourself or by being there and experiencing it, both are possible..

Costs: These days are FREE for all! Tea, coffee, water and brain food will be provided. A box for voluntary contributions is available.

Lunch: each one provides for him/herself

Registration: Please register exclusively via the button in the table below. Experience shows us that other ways of registration are not clear enough.

Implementation: If there are less than 4 participants, we reserve the right to cancel the course 2 days in advance.

Current dates (and registration):

Practice and Community Days

SeminarNumberDatePricefree placesLog in
Exercise and community day (28 Sept. 2024)GU24.09.1

Saturday 28 September 2024
10:00 - max. 17:00

CHF 0.00


Exercise and community day (7 Dec. 2024)GU24.12.1

Saturday 7 December 2024
10:00 - max. 17:00

CHF 0.00