Implementation of the currently applicable measures of the federal government and the canton of Zurich regarding the new coronavirus at Fokus Empathie GmbH

Updated on 5 January 2022

Current situation:

After consulting the cantons, social partners and relevant parliamentary commissions, the Federal Council decided on the strengthened Corona measures on 3 December. As a result, a general certificate and mask obligation will apply to all indoor events open to the public from 6 December. This regulation thus also applies to continuing education.

Measures currently in force:


  1. Current federal measures as of 3 Dec. 2021 (restrictions as of 6 Dec. 2021 until probably 24 Jan. 2023)
  2. Covid 19 Regulation Special Situation - Amendment of 1 October 2021 

Canton of Zurich:


What this means for seminars at Fokus Empathie:

  • We would like to make our offers available to all, even under the respective measures in force, but not to incur any consequences such as the closure of our institute due to contact tracing of participants.
  • Our seminars generally take place - that gives you planning security.
  • Currently, the following applies to continuing education:
  • If, for whatever reason, you cannot be there, you can still join us and participate fully. The following video shows how hybrid teaching (face-to-face and online at the same time) works:

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