Cert. Integral Coach CIS

With your training as a Cert. Integral Coach build on a solid foundation. Integral coaching is considered the most sustainable and effective method today and is based on the most modern, neurological findings. The focus of this basic training is on building the competence to be able to offer clients help to help themselves and to support them in actionable decisions and solutions through coaching conversations and creative interventions.

With the proof of competence leading to your internationally recognised certificate, you legitimise yourself to start your work as a coach professionally.

Integral competences - your advantage as a holistic coach

Body - mind - feeling - soul: As an Integral Coach, you distinguish yourself from other coaching styles through your competence to perceive and accompany clients holistically. Every person is individual and has their own resources and preferences for moving from a problem to a solution. While some people access the solution through an analytical mind, it is helpful for others if they are guided to the emotional level, their intuition is supported, or they achieve the "aha effect" through body perceptions and movements. In this training you will learn to sharpen your perception for the different subject areas and personalities and to use adequate interventions appropriate to your type.

Systemic: As human beings we interact with different systems - we are in interactions of relationship systems, socio-cultural systems, economic-material systems, spiritual systems. Integral coaching incorporates these interactions and supports the client in becoming aware of them, in using the resulting resources and in releasing obstructive blockages and entanglements.

Awareness: As an Integral Coach you recognise the possibilities of coaching at the different levels of consciousness: Present-Consciousness, Self-Consciousness, Sub-Consciousness, Higher-Consciousness, Collective-Consciousness.

Integral = body - mind - feeling - soul - systems - consciousness. Learn more about the definition of integral coaching via the PDF, which you can download here on this page.

Practical experience and expertise: In order to be able to professionally perform the responsible task as a coach in practice, you will develop your competence portfolio on the professional, social, personal and methodological levels in this course in an equally holistic way. The development of your sound knowledge counts just as much as the practice-oriented experiences during the training period.

Professionally qualified for different subject areas: Regardless of the field in which you will further specialise as a coach - all your clients are people with everyday challenges, stormy phases of life, emotional experiences, decision-making tasks, goals and dreams. Thanks to this integral training, you will be able to comprehensively accompany your clients in various life situations in addition to business, sports, family and health issues.

The content of your training

Coaching competences - process management: We introduce you to integral coaching in an experience-oriented way. A clear coaching concept enables you to quickly gain your first practical experience and to deepen your coaching competences more and more. Your intuitive coaching is promoted as well as your confidence in leading the process and your self-confidence, which is strengthened by helpful guidelines for success.

Integral Psychology: Through training units in integral, resource-oriented psychology, you will understand the way coaching works and be able to consciously use the action strategies you have learned. Integral - and resource-oriented psychology according to living sense will inspire you both professionally and personally and provides answers to significant life questions.

Creative coaching methods: In addition to the classic coaching tools and techniques, you will benefit from a wide range of creative coaching options. With these tools, which have been specially developed according to the living sense method, you have the chance to accompany your clients on a deeper level faster and more sustainably on the way to their goals.

Personal development: To be able to exercise the profession as a coach professionally requires a high degree of personality competence. We support you in your self-confidence by strengthening your self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-love, self-worth and self-confidence. You develop a professional attitude as a coach and expand your communication and social skills.

Planned implementations are available on the Living Sense website.

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    Details about this training


    Course fees CHF 4'980.-
    Proof of competence CHF 670.-
    Registration fee CHF 0.-
    2 learning coachings / 1 supervision CHF 450.-
    For payment by instalments all incl., 7 instalments à  CHF 885.-



    • Analytical understanding and social competence
    • Appreciative, resource-oriented basic attitude

    • Interest in integral coaching

    • Life experience

    Course Completion / Recognition

    • Cert. Integral Coach CIS (Certificate)
    • Tested and recognised according to international guidelines ICI / ECA

    • We will be happy to issue you with the corresponding confirmations for the required EMR/ASCA further training hours.

    • Learning achievement within the framework of 13.5 ECTS points

    • Certificate of education for 240 learning units 

    • In combination with Expert Level and Master Level Preparation for the Federal Examination in Psychosocial Counselling

    • Quality guarantee living sense / EduQua

    Additional Profit - Discounts

    Your course investment includes all teaching materials and teaching units.

    If you book and pay for a diploma level at the same time, we will grant you a discount of CHF 250.00 (you are free to choose the expert direction and the time of completion). Please choose the conditions when booking: One-off payment incl. diploma level.

    For joint partner bookings (partner, parents, children, friends) we grant a discount of CHF 250 per person.

    If at least 6 people book together, they will all receive a CHF 450 discount on your course costs.

    We reward referrals of friends with an education voucher worth CHF 250. Ask the person registering to give your name as the referrer when booking. This training voucher is redeemable for all training and further education courses at the Coaching Institute living sense and at Soul Sense, the Academy for Personality Development.

    When you register, we will give you access to the exclusive seminar "Success Forge" worth CHF 490! In this power seminar we will develop your success concept with you in order to position yourself as a coach on the market.

    If you have to interrupt your course of study for health or personal reasons, you can always rejoin a new class at a later date.

    All course days can be made up in other classes at any time if this fits better into your schedule.

    Do you want to repeat a course day in order to train or go even more in-depth in a topic? You want to benefit from our ongoing development of the course content? You will receive free access to course days you have already attended for two years!

    Small print

    This training is provided by our partner institute Living Sense under their Terms and conditions carried out.

    Seminar location

    Unless otherwise noted, the training will take place on corresponding location of the Living Sense Institute.