We assume that you have chosen a partnership because you want to be happy, because you want companionship, because you want to be seen, heard, loved and supported. Perhaps the partnership is meant to give you support and security. You may want to be inspired, to care for someone or to create, realise and implement a life vision together.

You are attracted to each other as a couple and would like to develop this attraction further or rediscover and revive it?

That is why we have developed the seminar series "THE SECRET OF FULFILLED PARTNERSHIP" especially for couples. Here we show how you can make this attraction conscious and thus nourish it. In unconstrained freedom, approach each other as independent, autonomous and powerful individuals, in verbal and non-verbal expression.

We show you that independence and deep fusion are not a contradiction, but a mutually dependent prerequisite to make passionate sex, deep connection and a sustaining friendship possible.

When we enter into a love relationship, this is also the decision for our personal maturation and growth, because in no other form of relationship do such forces operate that automatically bring us into contact with our own process.

Based on THE encounter and relationship methods "Nonviolent Communication" and Tantra, we will lead you into a space of encounter in which you will get to know the secret of every fulfilled partnership: At the beginning there is your very own relationship to yourself, as well as the realisation that you are also part of a collective field whose patterns you may have taken over into your partnership.

For then, when you have fully arrived at yourself, you are able to be initiated into the secret of "real regret" instead of continuing to hurt yourself in shameful self-recrimination and thereby maintaining the distance to your partner.

The realisation of your innocence and the willingness to commit to this partnership is what allows you to arrive in the relationship.

In a loving atmosphere, together with other couples, you are invited to experience and revive the miracle of relationship through Mindfulness, presence, powerful self-expression, self-responsibility, overcoming gender struggle, connection, reconciliation and vision.

We invite you to experience this adventure with us.

This seminar is for couples of all ages. The only prerequisite is the intention to grow together. Intimate encounters take place in the privacy of one's own room; in the large group, privacy and intimacy are maintained.

Seminars for partnerships are in the process of being revised and newly created.