Focus Empathy GmbH

Wolfgrabenstrasse 1a

8135 Langnau am Albis

Seen from the bus stop Langnau, Altersheim (elderly people's home).

The large seminar room (50m2 with an aspect ratio of 2.5:1) offers space for a circle of chairs of up to approx. 16 seats, with the other half still free for tables, exercises. The room has gates at the front to open the room completely to nature.

The small seminar room / Coaching room (30m2) offers a cosy space for a smaller group with its almost square floor plan.

The Entrée lets you arrive and meet. The open Kitchen (coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave, cooker, dishwasher) with bar, invites you to linger.

In good weather, training can take place outdoors. Various areas near the house are available for this - or the neighbouring nature.