SVEB Certificate Course Instructor

Are you a course instructor in psychological, social, personality development, spiritual or health-related topics and are you aiming for a new level of professionalism? Do you want to qualify for this activity at a high level and thus expand your opportunities for teaching mandates? With this study programme you will receive SVEB certification, which is specifically geared towards demanding teaching activities in the soft skills area.

This training to become a course leader will help you to plan, conduct and evaluate your teaching units professionally. The living sense training "SVEB Certificate Course Leader" is structured according to the most modern learning psychology and enables you to design lessons according to the integral teaching approach.

Integral teaching involves the human being on all levels of being (body, mind-spirit, feeling & soul) in the design of learning settings. Learning thus becomes a sustainably anchored development.

Various training elements such as the learning diary, the learning team, etc. contribute to your holistic development as a competent course leader. The current course events are used again and again to convey or deepen the learning content of the training. You will benefit from an insight- and experience-oriented teaching style. Extraordinary learning settings such as "learning in nature" or "teaching coaching" also find their place.

This course is particularly suitable for teachers who attach importance to developing their students' subject competence as well as their methodological, social and personal competence.

Planned implementations are available on the Living Sense website.

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    Details about this training

    What you can expect from your training with us:

    You know about the different roles of course leaders and are able to consciously use your individual role potential.
    You know the different learning typologies
    You are able to design and accompany a course in a process-oriented manner
    They can plan, carry out and evaluate integral learning objective assessments
    You understand the structure of a training concept
    You can formulate course objectives and reflect on them in a benefit-oriented way
    You master methods for creative, integral teaching
    You can carry out evaluations of learning events
    You understand the basic, integral didactics
    You are proficient in the design and structure of teaching materials
    They know how to ensure quality assurance in the classroom
    They understand the most important aspects of non-violent communication in the classroom
    You understand group dynamics and know how to deal with conflicts
    They know qualification and certification instruments of institutions
    This level of training is required for teachers at living sense and also at all other eduQua-certified educational institutions. Get the key to the gateway to new fields of activity!

    We look forward to welcoming you to the learning oasis of the living sense premises and to setting out together with you on your journey.

    The learning time comprises 16 attendance days (a total of 93.3 hours) and 165 hours of self-study. Depending on the form of delivery, this study programme takes between 6 - 8 months.

    As we attach great importance to individual learning support, the number of participants in a study group is limited to a maximum of 14 people. However, due to our offer to flexibly make up for unsuitable course dates, individual training days may be extended with additional guests from other classes.

    The implementing institution of this course is the Coaching Institute living sense.


    This training course is open to all persons with an appreciative and resource-oriented basic attitude, and an interest in leading seminars and training days, provided they have specialist competence in their home system, have completed vocational training or a baccalaureate, and their teaching area/seminar topic is in one of the following areas:

    Coaching & Consulting
    Expansion of consciousness
    Personality development
    Human Resources

    The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to receive the module certificate or "SVEB Certificate Course Leader": 

    1. active participation in the classroom sessions (min. 80 %)

    2. proof of competence assessed as "passed" by the module lecturer.

    3. reflection on the personal learning process. The reflection has to be done in writing and is certified by the module lecturer. It is not qualified; feedback is optional.

    4. proof of at least 2 years of part-time practical experience amounting to at least 150 hours of practical experience (details on the information sheet "Proof of practical experience").

    Details of evidence of at least two years of part-time training practice with a total of 150 hours of experience.

    The following criteria must be met:

    Lessons in groups of at least 3 adults
    Age of participants: 16 years, after compulsory schooling
    At least 150 hours spread over at least 2 years
    50 hours of this can be one-to-one tuition, learning support for individuals.
    These conditions can also be fulfilled after completion of the course and are not a prerequisite for admission to the course. The "SVEB Course Leader Certificate" can be applied for retrospectively at living sense within 5 years if the necessary practical experience has been acquired by this time.

    If you do not yet have the necessary proof of practice by the time you graduate, you will receive a confirmation of education including proof of competence after your proof of competence.

    The "SVEB Certificate Course Instructor" is valid for an unlimited period of time. It is valid as a partial qualification for the Federal Certificate of Competence as a Trainer.

    You can later attend modules 2 to 5 and the supervision in order to obtain the Federal Certificate as a Trainer. These modules are valid for five years. You must then apply for the Federal Certificate of Competence within this period. It does not matter how long ago module 1 was attended.


    • SVEB Certificate Course Instructor
    • Module confirmation for fulfilled proof of competence without practical hours
    • Integral Coaches additionally receive the confirmation for the Master Module Seminar Performance
    • 13.5 ECTS points

    Small print

    This training is provided by our partner institute Living Sense under their Terms and conditions carried out.

    Seminar location

    Unless otherwise noted, the training will take place on corresponding location of the Living Sense Institute.