NVC - Video Courses

With our video courses on Nonviolent Communication you can experience us as trainers as well as acquire general basic knowledge on Nonviolent Communication.

The courses are a mix of videos, exercises, quizzes and further links and materials. You can send us your answers to exercises and receive feedback from us.

Please note that such a course is far from having the same experience and sustainability as a seminar allows.

The listed courses or learning contents have all been created by Fokus Empathie. They are made available through the learning platform "Udemy". By clicking on the button "Take a course" you will be directed to Udemy.

Course - Language Detailed information Link to the course
Basic course - Swiss German [ufwp id="2984178″] Do a course
Basic course - German [ufwp id="2862232″] Do a course  
Basics - English [ufwp id="2996416″] Take course


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