APuK Seminar

(Ambassador PLUS and Candidate Seminar)

13-day seminar for NVC-Ambassador alumni and certification candidates. This includes a 7-day training retreat (residential).

Candidate Retreat

You have completed the NVC Ambassador or are a registered candidate on the NVC certification path and would like to expand and strengthen your NVC awareness, your capacity for deep, sincere empathic connection with yourself and others, so that this lives in you as a majority unconscious competence.

You want to experience how you can come out of conflict into a quality of deep connection that touches and includes the dimension of spirituality?

You want to increasingly recognise yourself in the calm power of NVC consciousness. Accept that you are attractive to others. You notice that people are oriented towards you?

Competences that are consolidated in this seminar:

  • Connection:
    • Connecting in hot moments
    • Enter into a sincere connection even with the biggest trigger
    • Staying connected - connecting for the sake of connecting
    • Being connected with everything (spirituality)
  • Opting out of social customs

Format and time frame:

The seminar consists of 3 parts:

Part 1: 3 days seminar in the rooms of Fokus Empathie:

  • Become a study group
  • Remembering the principles of NVC again
  • formally work together and at the same time start to connect sincerely 

Part 2: 7 days seminar in an external location, with evening sessions and overnight stays:

  • Close, intensive living together according to the principles of NVC, alternately stimulated by the trainers as well as by what naturally arises from the group and its individual members.


Part 3: 3-day seminar in the rooms of Fokus Empathie:

  • Close open processes, round off, conclude

Focus Empathy provides a space where we leave the usual teaching and practice setting and start a community adventure with the group.

In 3 blocks we practise "the real thing" life.


Successfully completed the NVC Ambassador with us or registered as a candidate on the way to CNVC certification as a trainer in Nonviolent Communication.


Part 1: Fri. - Sun. Friday 10-17, Saturday 9-17, Sunday 9-16. In the seminar rooms of Fokus Empathie.

Part 2: Sat. - Sat. (one week) Start on the first day with dinner (arrival before), end on the last day after lunch (departure after). At an external seminar location with overnight stay.

Part 3: Fri. - Sun. Friday 10-17, Saturday 9-17, Sunday 9-16. In the seminar rooms of Fokus Empathie.


CHF 4'730.-

Seminar, material, break catering all-inclusive, as with the other seminars of Fokus Empathie.

Also included in the price is the seminar house of part 2 incl. overnight stay.

Not included are the costs for the main meals in all three parts of the seminar.

Seminar Location Part 2

We will animate a three-storey house with three flats, located directly on Lake Constance/Rhine, in Öhningen (D) next to Stein am Rhein (CH).

Impressions and descriptions



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APuC 2024APuC 2024

18.-20.10.24 & 2.-9.11.24 & 22.-24.11.24

CHF 4'730.00


Why does it take several years to fully integrate NVC and why is it important to stick to the process of integration?

We have all grown up unconsciously following "rules of the game" of society

Small print

Prerequisites: The following are some of the courses we offer.

Number of participants: The seminar will have between 6 and 12 participants.

Registration: In an effort to keep unwanted excessive demands to a minimum, we would like to get to know the participants in advance. Registration is therefore only possible after consultation with us.

Deposit: You will receive an invoice upon confirmation of completion.

Resignation: Should you withdraw from the registration, the following provisions apply: Up to 14 days before the start of the seminar, we charge CHF 50 processing fee. From 14 to 7 days before the start of the seminar, we charge 50% of the seminar costs. Less than 7 days before the start of the seminar, we will charge the full seminar costs. If you bring a substitute participant in your place, any costs will be waived. Cancellations will only be considered and confirmed in writing. Please check the possibility of a travel cancellation insurance which covers your seminar costs in case of illness.

Cancellation of the event: If there are less than 6 registrations 30 days before the start of the seminar, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the seminar. If the new dates do not suit you, we will refund all previous fees in full. Such a cancellation or postponement will not result in any cost reduction.

Disclaimer: Participants are fully responsible for their own physical and mental health before, during and after the seminar. Likewise, we do not accept any liability for objects or other types of claims.

Certifkat: Upon completion, you will receive a personal certificate of attendance.

Creditability: This seminar can be credited as training for - certification as a trainer for Nonviolent Communication at the Center of Nonviolent Communication (CNVC.org).

Seminar location

Parts 1 and 3 of the seminar take place in the seminar rooms of Fokus Empathie at Wolfgrabenstrasse 1a, 8135 Langnau am Albis.

Part 2 of the seminar is a "residential" part, i.e. it takes place in a place where we learn and live together and also spend the night. This is usually a seminar location in Switzerland or near the border in Germany or Austria.

Meals and accommodation incl. seminar house fees are at the expense of the participants and are included in the seminar price. not included.

The seminar price is fixed and cannot be modified.