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Gewerbezeitung Langnau am Albis, 26 January 2021

Interview with Patricia Walker in "Ze!tpunkt

Issue 161 , May/June 2019 of Ze!tpunkt magazine is about "Letting go and sticking to it".

The article "A new toothbrush?" by Sylvie Eigenmann sheds light on separations in partnerships: when is it time - or not yet? She interviewed Patricia Walker on the subject.

The article can be found in the adjacent link.

On the topic of non-violent communication, the September issue of the "Tropic" an interview with Patricia Walker.

Picture with turning circle Magazines

Talk peace. How can peace prevail between peoples if it already does not work in the interpersonal sphere? One way to preserve it is through language. An interview with Patricia Walker, trainer for Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Interview: Sylvie Eigenmann.

NVC Interview in the Turning Circle