eduQua certificate

eduQua is the first Swiss quality label tailored to continuing education providers. The label promotes transparency and comparability of continuing education for the benefit of consumers and helps to ensure the quality of continuing education offerings in Switzerland.

Fokus Empathie has achieved eduQua certification in autumn 2019. This recognises and officially confirms the quality of our continuing education, so that Fokus Empathie can continue to be considered an important trusted partner for continuing education and personal development.

In concrete terms, this means that the certificates we issue are upgraded: It is confirmed that the entire Fokus Empathie training team is professionally committed to accompanying the participants in the acquisition of their competences and in their development.

eduQua is a reference for quality in the Swiss vocational education and training landscape. The label is awarded after an analysis of the functioning and organisation of continuing education. An external company carries out audits to check the quality of the working processes. The eduQua label is awarded when the following six quality criteria are judged to be met:


  1.  Educational services that meet the educational needs and requirements of clients.
  2.  Transparent presentation of the educational offers, the educational institution and its guiding ideas.
  3.  Education that enables learning, challenges, promotes and conveys learning outcomes.
  4.  Trainers with a high level of professional and methodological-didactic competence.
  5.  Agreements and promises are reviewed and kept. Quality developments take place continuously.
  6.  Leadership that ensures customer-oriented, economical, efficient and effective performance.

The quality of training at Fokus Empathie

The recognition as a further education institution with a quality label gives our customers the security that they receive further education according to their needs. Our principle is that the participants can further develop their own competences with the continuing education, and for this we provide practice-oriented seminars so that the acquired knowledge can be immediately and steadily applied in our everyday life.

You can find out more about how we implement this on the page About us / Our attitude, or "jump" directly to the relevant section:


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