NVC - Video Courses

With our video courses on Nonviolent Communication you can experience us as trainers as well as acquire general basic knowledge on Nonviolent Communication.

The courses are a mix of videos, exercises, quizzes and further links and materials. You can send us your answers to exercises and receive feedback from us.

Please note that such a course is far from having the same experience and sustainability as a seminar allows.

Basics NVC

So what is non-violent communication?

You've heard a lot of things that are difficult for you to put together and you want to understand what NVC is. Even more: you want to understand what it can do for you.

Perhaps you have contact with people who are completely enthusiastic about NVC, and there is a certain scepticism and uncertainty within you: do I want something as radical as it seems to me right now? Is that right? I still want to be allowed to express myself however I want!

This basic NVC course shows what Marshall actually wanted to achieve with NVC, what it is essentially about and what this could mean for you.

Understand the basic principles of NVC and be able to judge whether you want to develop with it because you realise what it brings you.

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