NVC - Video Courses

With our video courses on Nonviolent Communication you can experience us as trainers as well as acquire general basic knowledge on Nonviolent Communication.

The courses are a mix of videos, exercises, quizzes and further links and materials. You can send us your answers to exercises and receive feedback from us.

Please note that such a course is far from having the same experience and sustainability as a seminar allows.


Basics NVC

How does it work when situations or conversations go differently than we would have liked or expected? What patterns emerge and how do we contribute to the conflict?

What is the position of non-violent communication as a possible alternative to this and how is this applied?

A short introduction to the basics with 20 videos, 30 minutes of playtime, additional material, links to further information, exercises and tests to check how you have absorbed the information.


Fulfilled partnership with NVC

Redefining oneself with NVC in the partnership and thereby experiencing the partnership powerfully and fulfilled.