Men's seminar

for authentic self

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Welcome to our 2.5-day seminar for men who feel increasingly insecure in their role and are looking for new perspectives. Our aim is to create a space in which your own image of masculinity can be reflected upon, scrutinised and individually developed. The seminar combines elements of experiential education, non-violent communication, gestalt therapy and process-orientated psychology - without assuming any prior knowledge on the part of the participants.

Target group:

Men, from around mid-twenties to around retirement age. Our focus is on encouraging those who feel restricted in their current understanding of their role, but we offer an open space for all those who want to rediscover their masculinity. The language of the seminar is accessible and allows for authentic communication, preferably from German-speaking countries.

Minimum number of participants:

To ensure a diverse group dynamic, we aim for a minimum number of 12 participants.

What's in it for participants:

  • Finding a way to a more authentic and lighter self as a man.
  • To promote the path of self-discovery and authentic being and thus to enter into relationship.
  • Enjoying the shared vision and creative development and experience.


Our seminar is based on an experiential approach that can be integrated without prior knowledge. The content focuses on personal experiences, reflection on the image of men and application in simple situations. We teach:

  • Experiencing and rethinking roles (formal and informal roles)
  • Difference between socio-cultural values and individual need levels
  • Insights into the effects of judgement, coercion and openness on relationships (with others and with oneself)

Goals for the participants:

After the seminar, participants should be able to

  • Define and describe their image of men in a reflective way.
  • To consciously apply what you have learnt in simple situations.
  • Reflectively analyse unpleasant experiences and develop alternatives.
  • describe roles (formal and informal) and explain the difference between socio-cultural values and individual need levels.

This could result for participants:

  • Curiosity about your own individuation is aroused.
  • Confidence that what has been learnt can be applied in everyday life, with a willingness to continue the journey.
  • Open, fearless curiosity about external reactions.

Our low-threshold approach enables easy integration into everyday life, with the focus on personal development and experience. The desire for "more ease in being a man" is sufficient motivation to participate. We look forward to a shared journey to authentic self!

The seminar is offered twice with identical content:

5-7 April and 17-19 May 2024


Fridays: Start at 6 p.m., then dinner together, followed by the first module until 9.30 p.m.

Saturdays: Start at 8 a.m. with movement meditation, followed by breakfast (recommended, not compulsory). Modules start at 10 a.m., dinner together and evening module until 9.30 p.m.

Sundays: Start at 8 a.m. with movement meditation, followed by breakfast (recommended, not compulsory). Start modules at 10 am, until 17:30

Seminar venue:

Thalamus School of Naturopathy in Stuttgart

Register directly there:

Click here to go directly to the Thalamus-Stuttgart website.

  1. Information event 16.3.24, 14-15 h
  2. Realisation of the men's seminar 5.4.24 - 7.4.24
  3. Realisation of the men's seminar 17.5.24 - 19.5.24


Comfortable for indoors, so you feel good.

Also weatherproof clothing, as we will also be working outside.



330.- p.p. Meals are not included in the seminar price

Seminar management

Lorenz Baumgarten

Trainer for non-violent communication and actor

I grew up with the dogma "boys must not cry". It was only a few years ago that I realised the social consequences of this belief. Suppressing and hiding feelings such as helplessness and shame ultimately meant that I didn't receive the emotional and physical support I would have liked. My exploration of non-violent communication has expanded my awareness and given me opportunities to understand and express myself better.

It is important to me to create as safe a space as possible for men to come into contact with their own vulnerability and to be supported by the group.

I studied gender studies, media studies and acting. In addition to my work as an actor, I am a certified trainer for non-violent communication and a coach who holds spaces for people in individual, group and couple settings.

Benedikt Loser

Adult educator, facilitator, coach and therapist

I see myself as a kind of sounding board and catalyst that supports people in reflecting on themselves and achieving clarity and growth. I believe that external inspiration can help to overcome personal limitations in fundamental beliefs, which is liberating.

After over twenty years in technical projects, I have deeply realised that no project has ever or will ever fail because of technical reasons, but always because of the way people interact with each other, how they behave under pressure. After more than 15 years of investigation and research, I have found and deepened an approach on how to stay honestly and fearlessly connected under pressure and establish sustainable solutions that serve all parties involved - far beyond compromise.

After years of study and related degrees in adult education, training design and delivery, psychology, neuroscience, coaching and therapy, I have been a full-time trainer, facilitator and coach since 2012. I work with individuals, teams and organisations in settings from one-to-one to one-to-hundred, mainly across Europe.