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31 mp3 files in 1 ZIP file 109MB. 4,3 hours. Swiss German.

To train mindfulness as a support for empathy (for oneself and others).


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Meditations for practising mindfulness.

Helpful for slowing down and becoming more aware of oneself. This makes self-empathy easier.

Exercises of this kind have been proven to enable the sustainable internalisation of mindfulness and thus the ability to empathise.

The exercises are arranged in a building sequence and are accompanied by a spoken text for explanation. These meditations are part of our NVC Practitioner Seminar.

30 meditations, each between 3 and 16 minutes long. Spoken by Benedikt Loser. Swiss German.

Downloadable in a ZIP file of 109MB after receipt of payment (you will receive a mail with the link after receipt of payment).


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