Ah - the social constraints (as described in the Christmas blog)! 

To get out of it and remain part of society at the same time? Simply put, it's not that simple!

I hear and read that all the time.

That may be so - at least for those who say so.

The participants in our seminars see it differently - more on this below.

I quote here from the Comment from CORINNA BUDRAS in the FAZ of 25.12.2017: "It is a widespread misunderstanding that empathy cannot be learned. It can be trained just like communicative skills, the earlier the better. Both are already part of the education package and should be to an ever greater extent in the future. But what should actually be a matter of course meets with a lot of resistance - especially from parents with an affinity for education, who like to see their children's performance measured by objective standards. "Soft skills on the learning plan arouse suspicion." This, however, is the wrong approach. The landmark ruling by the constitutional judges is a good occasion to set the record straight. Good grades are indeed not everything."

(Background: In Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court has issued a decision on the selection procedure for admission to study places (numerus clausus for medical studies)).

Back to statements from our seminar participants: "Now I have experienced what it means ...", "finally I have been able to let go of this eternal story", "I am much calmer and more powerful", "it is actually quite simple - and at the same time multi-layered".

The last expression in particular clearly shows: real empathy can neither be learned by reading books nor in a few days of seminar. It wants to be trained.

That is what we are here for: Focus Empathy, the competence centre for empathic communication and Self-empowerment.

The curriculum of the GFK offer of Fokus Empathie

The curriculum of the GFK offer of Fokus Empathie